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Daniel Ronson: Ink Stories

If only we all had the passion of Ronnie, this young artist has fallen into the wonderful art of tattooing. Featured in a short doc, Ink Stories Daniel Ronson’s passion is quite inspiring. I am always excited to see an enthusiasm tattooing. Ronnie comments on how he tries to bring his own originality to such timeless designs. Lima Charlie, based out of London and New York has done a series of short docs and apparently there are many more Ink stories to come, can’t wait! Thanks Juxtapoz for the tip off!


John Wentz Update

John Wentz’s gallery show, Synthesis was better than I anticipated. He uses a fantastic mix of geometric outline and abstract expression. The real life-size pieces are so rich in texture, he uses harsh graphite lines paired with vibrant oil paints. The collection has a dark, yet innocent feel.His themes include a wonderful mix of child-like imagery and deathly figures. Key motifs included crows, superheros and gas-masks. I’m curious as to how John begins his art,  many of the pieces held ridged guides, one would assume to guide the artist himself when it came to proportion and depth. I think it’s safe to assume that Wentz did indeed start his compositions with these guides, but was this the initial vision? Did he progress from there, or were his oil paints the true vision and the guides just an afterthought, an enhancement rather than cover up? I also must applaud John’s collection as a whole. Synthesis had a wide range of style and medium, not a single piece was out of place. Rarely does a gallery showcase such a large number of works that compliment each other as perfectly as Synthesis does.

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John Wentz

I can’t wait to go to John Wentz’s exhibition, Synthesis running now through May 25th at Minna Art Gallery. The collection combines geometry with a collage of old images the artist’s “own childhood through the lens of psychology and mythology.” Wentz has constructed thoughtful imagery on the child-hero archetype. “Each individual component is viewed as a piece of vocabulary and when put together develop as language.” Thanks ArtSlant for this treasure of a find.

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Yonil’s new website is off the chain. This site perfectly showcases Yonil’s quirky illustrations with tidbits of animation. He’s got an expansive collection of work, from branding to holiday cards. This on-line gallery makes it easy to see what, Tel-Aviv artist, Yonil has been up to. “Friendship,” featured above, is just one of his awesome new designs. Check it out.

John Baldessari

Short of the Week has done it again. Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, A Brief History of John Bladessari is nothing short of marvelous. This fast pace little doc is exactly what you would expect from an  American conceptual artist know for his work with appropriated images. It’s fast, fun and narrated by Tom Waits.

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Postcard From 1957

Recently, I attended a lecture from colorist, Gary Coates. His expertise in color correction truly creates an extraordinarily cinematic picture. A recent staff pick, Postcard From 1957 is an excellent example of how a few fun filters and little color correction can transport you in time. This video for the Texan band, Explosions in The Sky matches the fluid music perfectly.

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The Ghostvillage Project

This  awesome installment features six very different graffiti artists. “Working together on huge collaborative walls and individually in hidden nooks and crannies all over the site, the artists populate the ghostvillage with the art and characters that it deserves.” The installment perfectly matches it’s gallery.

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Christopher Cox

This week on Christopher Cox introduced his own work. His on-line gallery features a wide variety of digital illustrations, including a series of surreal movie posters. His exhibition piece for San Francisco, featured above, was originally done as a graphite drawing and than finished in photoshop. I absolutely love this Mickey Mouse Terror.

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Steve Wilson

You could spend hours looking at Steve Wilson’s on-line graphic acid gallery, it’s insane how much work he’s done. His colorful neon designs ooze with texture and depth. Featured on this graphic designer has done work for everything from Villan’s to the Bible.

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Coney Island Love Letter

Coney Island Love Letter is literally a love letter to Brooklyn’s Coney Island. And although Coney Island might not be as magical as this video makes it seem director, Robert Kolodny sure tapped into the novelty of this iconic destination. Thanks Diego Patino for the lovely suggestion.

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