Monthly Archives: July 2012



Spoke Art Gallery had an opening just a few weeks ago. The three artists, Jonas Lofgren, Double Parlour and Luke Chueh compliment each other perfectly. Jonas Lofgren’s sketches pay homage to dark fantasy. His environments are full of deliberate texture, each lead line adds effortless depth. Both his characters and environments are lean, stripped form reality and placed in a world of odd proportions, literally. Lofgren uses distorted proportions to create his worlds and characters. In a similar fashion, DoubleParlour, a husband-wife duo, offer a similar sense of twisted imagination. Their child-like sculptures match the oddity of Lofgren’s sketches. In the back of the gallery, Luke Chueh’s infamous bear sketches add┬ásimplicity to┬áthe collection. I met Luke Chueh at the opening. Rarely does an artist’s inspiration provoke me to appreciate the art more, however Luke’s personal battles are truly reflected in his characters. I witnessed a fan of Luke, expressing how his cartoons helped her deal with her own demons. It’s pretty amazing how people connect over images. Visual imagery offers a method of communication that goes beyond words and translates through feeling.