Monthly Archives: September 2012

Spoke-art gallery here in San Francisco has teamed up with the Castro theatre to release a series of promotional posters. The historic theatre has commissioned the posters to promote sanctioned 35mm screenings of each film.Tomorrow night at the Castro there will be a back-to-back showing of Inglorious Basterds and A Time to Kill. Posters are selling out fast, the one shown above is by Joshua Budich, each print is numbered and signed by the artist, only 100 copies per design. Gotta get em’ all!


The Mill Show Reel

Talk about a reel! This compilation was crafted by The Mill, a visual effects company based out LA, NY and London. I hope that one day my work will compile into something half as epic. Once again, thanks to for including this in your awesome blog.

First Love

First Love, a short by  is fucking great. How refreshing to hear our own adult heartache from the mouth of a witty, and seemingly innocent young boy. Is this not how we all feel about love? The wavering ups and downs and than the ultimate question that makes us forget every moment of hurt. I guess age really doesn’t matter. Big shout out to you guys are always posting the best stuff!