Ferris Plock

02Over a year ago I saw a few of Ferris Plock’s cartoon samurais at the old Shooting Gallery – my roommate still has the showcard on our fridge. Plock’s back at Shooting with his new work that seems to be influenced by wifey, Kelly Tunstall – the duo collaborate under the name KeFe (Kelly and Ferris HA!).
Lil blurb from Benny Gold’s interview with Plock:
When I moved back to San Francisco in 1999 it was a totally weird whacked out place full of start up companies blowing up the city and making it go through some significant changes (sound familiar). Anyhow, I got a production artist position at a dot com and got paid tons of money for very little work that I was barely qualified to do. This place had an arcade and free vending machines… it was pretty ridiculous… ANYHOW! I got fired… not just me… 3/4 of the company did all at once. The day I got fired I went to the supply closet and took every sharpie pen, every pencil, and every white out bottle I could find… I literally filled my backpack up with it. I went home and got a stack of my old skateboards out of my garage and painted on them. Then I asked a cafe in the Lower Haight if I could stick them on their walls. They said “yes” and then I sold them all. I also started making shirts with my cousin and selling them at a shop called Villains on the Upper Haight. Those shirts helped get my name out there a bit and get into some shows.


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