I’m a huge fan of creepy animation, Salad Fingers has always been a favorite. The creator, Joe Bichard has refined his style and toned down the morbidity in his new project Dead. This colorful and clever little animation is a great counter to grief. If only Joe Bichard was hired to do a series for Adult Swim. Short of the week complied a few tidbits from the creator, “I think it’s all too easy to think of a death in terms of how it affects you and I think people do so more than they might be willing to admit, which is pretty disgusting, but I suppose we humans can be. Humans love attention of any kind, even if it is sympathy or pity. So this idea coupled with death being a pretty all-inclusive theme will hopefully make a reasonably interesting film for everyone to watch. The playful tone is partially stemmed from my own approach to life. Not to take things too seriously and to see the funny side of just about everything, even death! The tone is also a more palatable way to express some of us human’s less desirable egocentric tendencies.” It’s always fun to hear from the filmmaker, I enjoy reading the write ups on Short of the Week, you can read curator, Rob Munday’s write up on the site.

Can’t wait for Bichen’s new project done in the same vain the film deals with love. The narrative follows the trials and tribulations (mainly trials) of an armless man who is kept against his will as a pet by a big green botanical forest monster lady.


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