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Barry McGee

Today, I took advantage  SFMOMA‘s free admission. My favorite of the San Francisco museums, SFMOMA always has a wide selection of art and design. However, during today’s visit one artist stood out. Amongst the scattered Warhol’s and other famous works, the street art of Barry McGee caught my attention. His dual wall spread was a collage of small framed drawings, all done in a true street art style. Although street art has branched way beyond concrete and brick, its not often that the style makes it’s way into an art gallery like SFMOMA. A compliment to both McGee and the museum, for featuring such an awesome artist. The collection includes a combination of graffiti cartoons, tags, rubbish and more. The juxtaposition of image and texture is unbeatable, “I bring in every damn thing from the street!” You can’t get more authentic than that, in fact I was so inspired by his broken glass frames and random pieces of cardboard that I picked up some street finds of my own.
This humble medium could not fit Barry more. In the SFMOMA audio tour, he mentions how he’s most concerned with the approval of thirteen year old kids. The ones out there making their own name in street art, McGee is worried about whether or not they think he’s a “sell-out.” For an accomplished artist these insecurities are nothing short of admirable. Thank you SFMOMA for introducing me to one of my favorite new artists!

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The Ghostvillage Project

This  awesome installment features six very different graffiti artists. “Working together on huge collaborative walls and individually in hidden nooks and crannies all over the site, the artists populate the ghostvillage with the art and characters that it deserves.” The installment perfectly matches it’s gallery.

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Takin the street inside. 
One of my friends did a video for a recent art installment, The Truck Show. 
Just a few months ago, First Amendment Gallery featured some awesome Bay Area graffiti artists including, Satyr, Jurne and Pemex. The exhibit featured canvas paintings as well as mini trucks all done up in the true graffiti style.

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