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If you like t-shirts than Rumplo was made for you. The sites features a collection of over 18,000 of the coolest t-shirt designs out there. Yonil is just one of the awesome artists who’s work is featured on the site. From bird t-shirts to beard t-shirts, they’ve got sick shit!

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Image Another tip off from, Jonathan Lax otherwise known as Yonil has mashed up some great imagery with his cartoon collages. Born in Holon, Israel this illustrator and graphic designer is now based out of Tel-Aviv, Israel. Happy Chanukah! If your interested in more practical art, be sure to grab one of Yonil’s t-shirts, the designs are sick!

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Do away with your stereotypes because there is nothing fancy or proper about Jeanti’s colorful post-modern designs. This French based artist is just taste of the talent featured on, every week they showcase new stuff, you’ll find many of the artists on my blog as well. Check out Jeanti’s on-line gallery it’s a psychedelic 3D acid-hipster collage and I can’t stop looking at it!

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Diego Patino

Diego Patino

Unlike most mediums, digital illustration begs for manipulation, for normality to be warped into something disturbingly unreal. Some of the coolest digital illustration I’ve seen has been featured on, one of the recent headliners,  Diego Patino has put a very unique spin his random array of pop-art portraits. His own personal title for the collection: Portraits Soooo Great You Will Want To Kiss The-Screen. They certainly pay homage to the comic candy style that made pop art so irresistible in the first place.

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