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I’m a huge fan of creepy animation, Salad Fingers has always been a favorite. The creator, Joe Bichard has refined his style and toned down the morbidity in his new project Dead. This colorful and clever little animation is a great counter to grief. If only Joe Bichard was hired to do a series for Adult Swim. Short of the week complied a few tidbits from the creator, “I think it’s all too easy to think of a death in terms of how it affects you and I think people do so more than they might be willing to admit, which is pretty disgusting, but I suppose we humans can be. Humans love attention of any kind, even if it is sympathy or pity. So this idea coupled with death being a pretty all-inclusive theme will hopefully make a reasonably interesting film for everyone to watch. The playful tone is partially stemmed from my own approach to life. Not to take things too seriously and to see the funny side of just about everything, even death! The tone is also a more palatable way to express some of us human’s less desirable egocentric tendencies.” It’s always fun to hear from the filmmaker, I enjoy reading the write ups on Short of the Week, you can read curator, Rob Munday’s write up on the site.

Can’t wait for Bichen’s new project done in the same vain the film deals with love. The narrative follows the trials and tribulations (mainly trials) of an armless man who is kept against his will as a pet by a big green botanical forest monster lady.



Just re-discovered this gem. A mix of Busby Berkeley and Harmony Korine.

Amigo Unit


These guys are so fucking cool – the dynamic duo includes Brett Land and Nate Milton. Their art is fun and imaginative, most of their stuff is online – they’ve got a combo blog under their pseudonym Amigo Unit.

Ferris Plock

02Over a year ago I saw a few of Ferris Plock’s cartoon samurais at the old Shooting Gallery – my roommate still has the showcard on our fridge. Plock’s back at Shooting with his new work that seems to be influenced by wifey, Kelly Tunstall – the duo collaborate under the name KeFe (Kelly and Ferris HA!).
Lil blurb from Benny Gold’s interview with Plock:
When I moved back to San Francisco in 1999 it was a totally weird whacked out place full of start up companies blowing up the city and making it go through some significant changes (sound familiar). Anyhow, I got a production artist position at a dot com and got paid tons of money for very little work that I was barely qualified to do. This place had an arcade and free vending machines… it was pretty ridiculous… ANYHOW! I got fired… not just me… 3/4 of the company did all at once. The day I got fired I went to the supply closet and took every sharpie pen, every pencil, and every white out bottle I could find… I literally filled my backpack up with it. I went home and got a stack of my old skateboards out of my garage and painted on them. Then I asked a cafe in the Lower Haight if I could stick them on their walls. They said “yes” and then I sold them all. I also started making shirts with my cousin and selling them at a shop called Villains on the Upper Haight. Those shirts helped get my name out there a bit and get into some shows.


So, I guess Pupa is about a young boy going through puberty – which is cool but just take it at face value. There doesn’t need to be any deeper meaning for this to captivate you in an awesomely creepy way. Always love Short of the Week shit. Shout out to  for curating and John Lee for creating.

Chris Burden

Chris Burden is a pretty rad dude, he first came onto art the scene in the early seventies. Known for his shocking live performances, Burden was the first to establish punk as art. His most recent project, Metropolis II is far more tame than his early work. Burden spent the last four years completing the installation. Recently, I had an opportunity to see Metropolis II at the LACMA. I was impressed by the sheer size of the piece, a very cool retrospect to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

Blogger Mistakes

It’s pretty bad when you misspell someone’s name but when you fuck up the gender – well that’s inexcusable. Sorry Casey Weldon – just realized you were male.  

Scott Scheidly rocks my socks!

8240441418_917c29847a_cScott Scheidly’s Pink series has a powder punk vibe and embraces anti-establishment at it gayest. “Featuring thirteen acrylic on masonite paintings, Scheidly’s debut solo show with the gallery serves as a continuation of his ongoing pink portrait series which first debuted in 2011at a Spoke Art pop up exhibit in New York City.” You can still find a few limited edition prints for sale at the Hashimoto Contemporary online shop. They still have Emo Spock and Emo Hitler (my personal favorite).

Gray Keys

Gray Keys by Carlo Vega on Vimeo.

Recently, I’ve been inspired by simplicity.
Grey Keys is a beautiful example of minimalistic design.

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Spoke-art gallery here in San Francisco has teamed up with the Castro theatre to release a series of promotional posters. The historic theatre has commissioned the posters to promote sanctioned 35mm screenings of each film.Tomorrow night at the Castro there will be a back-to-back showing of Inglorious Basterds and A Time to Kill. Posters are selling out fast, the one shown above is by Joshua Budich, each print is numbered and signed by the artist, only 100 copies per design. Gotta get em’ all!