La Migala

I am petrified of snakes – can’t stand them. Fear and especially phobias are used time again to drive narratives and excite audiences. But, in La Migala fear is used differently – not as a tool for reaction but as a metaphor for a broken heart. Spanish director, Jamie Dezcallar does a great job pulling us into the inner workings of a man who has nothing left to live for. Shout out to Ivan Kander who curated the video for Short of the Week!


Six Dollar Fifty Man

The Six Dollar Fifty Man from NZ Shorts on Vimeo. Currated by Andrew S. Allen for Short of the Week. Time again, I’ve found myself impressed with Australia and New Zealand filmmakers. In addition to the production value, performance and cinematography, the story lines are endearing and provoke the viewer to connect with the characters. In Six Dollar Fifty Man, you experience the world as Andy see’s it, we connect and react openly without judgment or expectation. It is a raw form of character development that I’ve seen in other Australian and New Zealand films, Ben Briand’s ApricotJustin Kurzel’s Snow Town Murders, and Spencer Susser’s I Love Sarah Jane.

Catnip: Egress to Oblivion?

I found Catnip: Egress to Oblivion? on Short of the Week, the film was categorized under found footage and so I assumed that Jason Willis the filmmaker, had complied found footage to make the short. He commented on my pervious post, in which I had claimed the work was entirely found footage, and it turns out he actually shot all of the cat clips himself. I’ve watched a lot of old educational films, my personal favorite, “Parent’s How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex.” Most are ridiculous which is why Catnip: Egress to Oblivion? is so believable, it feels like an educational film. The filters don’t just mask the different types of media (Jason shot on both the 5D as well as his iPhone) but also give the video that dated educational film style which worked perrrrfectly with the narration. An official Sundance selection, this is one goes out to all the cat lovers!

Gray Keys

Gray Keys by Carlo Vega on Vimeo.

Recently, I’ve been inspired by simplicity.
Grey Keys is a beautiful example of minimalistic design.

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The People’s Printshop

Casey WeldonMay favorite gallery, Spoke Art has started an ongoing project, The People’s Print Shop. Every Friday they release a limited edition print for just $20. Some really cool artists have been featured. I just bought my first print by Casey Weldon. Reminds me of lolcats, as I believe it should. Casey’s work is really amazing, I hope SpokeArt features him soon, I’d love to see more of the collection. One of my favorite pieces from his online gallery is titled, Suburban Terror, the complimentary colors in the piece are beautiful.

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Spoke-art gallery here in San Francisco has teamed up with the Castro theatre to release a series of promotional posters. The historic theatre has commissioned the posters to promote sanctioned 35mm screenings of each film.Tomorrow night at the Castro there will be a back-to-back showing of Inglorious Basterds and A Time to Kill. Posters are selling out fast, the one shown above is by Joshua Budich, each print is numbered and signed by the artist, only 100 copies per design. Gotta get em’ all!

The Mill Show Reel

Talk about a reel! This compilation was crafted by The Mill, a visual effects company based out LA, NY and London. I hope that one day my work will compile into something half as epic. Once again, thanks to for including this in your awesome blog.

First Love

First Love, a short by  is fucking great. How refreshing to hear our own adult heartache from the mouth of a witty, and seemingly innocent young boy. Is this not how we all feel about love? The wavering ups and downs and than the ultimate question that makes us forget every moment of hurt. I guess age really doesn’t matter. Big shout out to you guys are always posting the best stuff!



Spoke Art Gallery had an opening just a few weeks ago. The three artists, Jonas Lofgren, Double Parlour and Luke Chueh compliment each other perfectly. Jonas Lofgren’s sketches pay homage to dark fantasy. His environments are full of deliberate texture, each lead line adds effortless depth. Both his characters and environments are lean, stripped form reality and placed in a world of odd proportions, literally. Lofgren uses distorted proportions to create his worlds and characters. In a similar fashion, DoubleParlour, a husband-wife duo, offer a similar sense of twisted imagination. Their child-like sculptures match the oddity of Lofgren’s sketches. In the back of the gallery, Luke Chueh’s infamous bear sketches add simplicity to the collection. I met Luke Chueh at the opening. Rarely does an artist’s inspiration provoke me to appreciate the art more, however Luke’s personal battles are truly reflected in his characters. I witnessed a fan of Luke, expressing how his cartoons helped her deal with her own demons. It’s pretty amazing how people connect over images. Visual imagery offers a method of communication that goes beyond words and translates through feeling.


As an aspiring filmmaker and art addict, I absolutely love video installments especially when they involve fire. This video, titled Home by Ian Strange alias Kid Zoom was done a couple years ago. The entire installation in a single ten-minute take, an impressive feet for the young Australian artist. Beyond the technicalities of pyrotechnics and filming, Strange was able to string together a loose narrative. Out next month is Strange’s newest project titled, Suburban which has been 2 years in the making. He has posted pictures and updates on his blog, click the link to check it out.

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